Zussi is a god of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Life and sub-domains of the Poison, Medicine and Mutation and one of its current minor rulers. He is the child of Amada and Salva, he created the demigod Shamal together with the deity Sehkra. His realm is the Tree of Life.


As a god of mutation he is depicted as very wildy divergent god, and often has insectoid and reptilian characteristics due to his poisonous nature. He also has a wide range of fashion from comfortable traditional clothes of the personal altars, the regal and intricate robes of the temples, and the armours of the Warrior Lodges.

Zussi is a very friendly and personal god. His friendliness has made him enemyless and a friend with every god even if that god is enimical to core of the pantheon. He is also willing to talk to everyone that tries to talk to him trough his icon, even if its petty talk. He is a very progressive god that works with his mothers towards the ultimate equality and is responsibility for the Jungle Goblins biological creations. He believes that other deities take divinity too seriously.


Zussi was the secret child of Amada and Salva and raised by the Baron of the Manor like it was his own, he grew as an happy being with a personality that makes friends with everyone, he spent his whole existence building friendships with all of the gods of the Sphere and building diplomatic ties.

After the Cataclysm of Rorolark, his mothers revealed his true ancestry and gave him the throne of life. Faced with having to fulfil greatness he was suddenly destined with and was unsure how to deal with it until one of his Druid requested inspiration on whetever they stay in the empire with the sand goblins or leave and try to set their own thing. He gave them a great prophecy based on Myogosmia warning and decided to teach them how to change life itself in order to empower the new Republic.


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