Justice Deity

Zaekus is a Kaaradi God known as He who Sleep. While he isn't revered as much as the Monster-Gods or the Ancient Gods among the Kaaradi, this god is still really important for the Kaaradi, since they believe that when the Terror Gods of Those from Below will be killed, He who Sleep will awaken and change the Kaarad in a place as beautiful as the Hearth of Light.

However, where Zethus is unmistakably a force for Good, Zaekus is more of a neutral God: it is said that he is the God who will bring balance between light and darkness into Kaarad, the one who will led the Kaaradi in a new era of prosperity. However, it is also said that he will be the own who will "free the Kaaradi of their chains", and that he will help them to "unleash their true self" when the Eternal Vigil will end, a statement which could mean that with the awakening of Zaekus, the Kaaradi could evolve into a more merciful and peaceful people, or turn their millennia old warrior culture against new enemies.

This ambiguity led to the banishment of the Cult of Zaekus among the Urshari both in Täjara and the Windlands for it was seen as an elven God and a danger in the former, and a grave misunderstanding of the nature of Zethus in the latter. While officially forsaken by all the Urshari, there is still some temples of Zaekus both in Täjara and the Windlands, in secret locations where stranger aren't allowed.

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