Classification Family:Orphiraks
Shape serpentine

An ancient race of Greater Reptiles, the giant wyrms nest deep underground, where they spend most of their time sleeping and absorbing dark energy from Solcu's black core. Many believe the wyrms to be the oldest of all living creatures, and reputable sources report that they may have knowledge of the Age of Myth and even times before.

Elven folklore holds that wyrms will answer any question presented to them truthfully and completely. This has led many fortune-seekers, adventurers and philosophers to their doom, as the most common, and indeed apparently the only, reaction of a slumbering wyrm to being roused for some paltry mortal's curiosity is to devour him.

Certain scholars believe that the chaotic and maddening energies absorbed by the wyrm's porous underbelly play a vital role in protecting the Overworld and even Higher Underworlds from the nightmares bound in the planet's center. There has been little empirical evidence to evince this hypothesis, but it is known that below the depth at which wyrms dwell the frequency of psychotic episodes, disappearances and general aura of unpleasantness among underdwelling societies sharply spikes.