Dragon Deity

The World's Linwurm is a god of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of World and sub-domains of Origins, Mountains and Essence. The World's Lindwurm is a primordial deity that the goblins blame for the creation of the Great Beasts of Jebrak and was inspired by worship of them and the dragon god worshipped by dragons. It has sired the powerful demigod Mountain King together with an unknown parent. Its realm is the Peak of the World.


The World's Lindwurm is a primordial deity that is depicted as an asexual gigantic creature whose back is spread around the world in the form of the Spine Mountains. A snake-like creature covered in multicoloured scales with a lot of dark eyes that irradiate a dark light and a head covered in large plates. It has a thick tongue and its mouth can open further back than normal and can breath an all-elemental breath. In recent years it has been depicted as a sleeping deity and that when it is awake the earth trembles.

Its was depicted as a gentle and caring creature with an stern and disciplined approach, but lately it has been depicted as complacent deity that has been hibernating for a long time.


The history of the World's Lindwurm start with it winning and claiming superiority over all Lindwurms, during the Lindwurm Wars and bonding them to its body so they can serve it forever. After that not much is known only that it went into hibernation and set in motion world-changing events. In one of these wakening it saw that creatures of the world needed leadership and made the dragons from its mind to rule them. At another time it saw how the creatures of the world had grown increasingly more complacent and stagnant and created the Great Beasts from its body to torment and challenge them so they could grew further. It was constantly harassed into waking by the war god Malvar, trying to force it into siring a child with him. And at another time sired the demigod Mountain King with an unknown parent


  • Word of the Dragon: A philosophy that says that dragons are the greatest creature on Solcu and that they should be followed and worshipped.
  • Lindwurm: The Lindwurms are ancient creatures that the World's Lindwurm conquered and claimed as its divine servants spirits.
  • Dragon Souls: The Dragons Souls are the souls of the dead that are believed to be true dragons and sleep at the Peak of the World
  • Dragons: Dragons are the believed to be the direct descendants of the World's Lindwurm.