The Word of the Dragon is a philosophy that represents the will of World's Lindwurm to explore ones own essence and find greatness within, to join the deity in the Peak of the World as a Dragon Soul. The philosophy itself is mostly personal and will almost always be unique to its believer. Those that don't believe this are the Dragon Cults with wildly divergent beliefs and often dangerous behaviours.

These are a few examples of branches of the Word:

  • Personal Ascension: They believe that the Word is personal and greatness can only be achieved trough personal growth and not trough an outside source.
  • Dragon Cultism: They believe that only the worship of dragons can give them the greatness required. Some these skip the dragon and worship Dragon Souls.
  • Lindwurm Cultism: They believe that only trough the power of a Lindwurm can one achieve greatness. So they work towards gaining their favour so greatness can be reached.
  • Dragon Slayers: They believe that greatness can only be achieved by claiming it from their corpses. Through fame, wearing their bodies as weapons and armour or consumption of their entire bodies, minds and souls. The Soul Thief likes to trick these guys into giving her dragon souls.
  • Destroyers of the Spine: They believe that greatness can only be achieved by killing or wounding the World's Lindwurm. Some of these can be existential anarchists while others just want to achieve a greater greatness that was promised by the Lindwurms if they were freed.
  • Church of the Mountain King: A church that worships the demigod Mountain King and believe him to be an ascendant god. It has various branches world-wide that are considered cults by the nations they reside.

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