Void Brethren are the divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of unbelief, Styon, that inhabit the realm At Void's Edge. They are know to be enigmatic creatures of heretical philosophies.


Void Brethren are mysterious creature representing the true divine nature of the world. Because of this they take of crystals shape of celestial iconography with both characteristics of moon and sun surrounded by planets.

They are the ascended beings that have fully discovered the true nature of reality and deities. They spend their lives teaching this information and protecting those that desire it.


All Void Brethren can use:

  • Null Aura: Void Brethren emit a Null Aura that diminishes and eventually erases the influence of deities. Within the aura clerics are unable to summon their gods powers.
  • Heresy Beam: The Void Brethren sets the crystals around in the shape of heretic symbols releasing a beam of divine-defiling energies.
  • Zero Solution: Zero solution is a matter that the Void Brethren can create in liquid, gas or crystallized form. It reverses and accelerates ageing until they are at their prime(equivalent of 25 human years) and removes the influence of others on people minds and traumas.
  • Divine Nova: Gathers all the divine energy around it and within it and explodes in a explosion of extremely destructive divine energies of all kinds.
  • Still Space: The Void Brethren starts emitting a sphere of grey energy from their body which slowly expands. When it reaches its maximum size everything inside disappears as anything within is removed completely from all gods.

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