Vnaldra is a goddess of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Law and sub-domains of Pain, Regret and Punishment and one of the Blighted Totems. She is the child of Amada and the Baron of the Manor. Her realm is the [[]].


As a goddess of punishment she is often dressed like an executioner with a bare chest, a long black skirt and a black hood with a metallic grid obscuring the face. She is always presented as having an enormous quantity of scars on her chest and oversized right arm, that is always wielding an enormous axe, while her left arm arm and right breast will be either missing or have a scar or stitches in place.

Vnaldra is a disciplined god that demands much from its believers, like the complete atonement of all crimes and injustices through suffering or forcing a punishment upon one fugitive. As such this deity is deeply connected to the justice system of the nations that worship the Ramaldian Sphere, even only allowing executions when the goddess herself authorizes it, mostly because has a goddess she is almost infallible and no innocents get executed. Calling this goddess is often very painful, but it will always be rewarding to those seeking justice. She became one of the Blighted Totems because of Salva's decision to ban executions.


Vnaldra was the firstborn of Amada and the Baron when they were actually in love and was raised alone unlike her siblings. She grew into a symbol of the cost of justice and a respected deity to all other deities specially to her brothers and sisters. She was respectful to her parents and was respected by them. She saw Zussi as an intellectual rival whose challenges she had grown fond. She saw Ava and Lao as disrespectful fugitives from their home but eventually came to respect their choices. Reilchwa and Cwivel <WRITE SOMETHING LATER>. And the last Vuldorol was her favourite, not out of fondness but out of pity for his victimhood.

When Zussi was revealed as a bastard child and Amada abandoned the Baron, she would've stayed with the core of the Pantheon, out of her great desire for justice in the world, if not for Salva's rule that forbid executions. She followed most of her family and became a Blighted Totem, and since then she has become more and more erratic, forgetting to care for her brother attention and becoming increasly harsher on the punishments she dictates. She has become more and more painful to contact, and many fear that she will become like Malvar.



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