Urtraom Vara'Gol, High Champion of the Vara'gol, was born Urtraom Skardrus, the third child of poor Kaaradi in the Gathering of Skrul'arsu, under the jurisdiction of Galagrön; however, even at his birth, he was bigger than most of the newborn Kaaradi; his skin tone -almost black- was also extremely unusual. Since his family was poor, his Birthslaves were both Ath, one from the Keepers of the Home (Ulrago) and another from the Collectors (Shalniul), who are still with him in the present day.

At the age of ten, Urtraom Skardrus submitted itself to the ritual of the Choice, where he gave his soul to bear the Sigil of the Bloody Crone, showing his devotion to the most powerful Monster-God, Koraal, the Queen of Fury, a fitting choice for a child who was already stronger than most of the warriors from his Gathering. At the age of thirteen, he became famous in all the jurisdiction of Galagrön when he participated in a attack against a nest of Those from below where he killed six of those monsters alone, thus proving his strength.

During ten years, the name of Urtraom Skardrus became more and more famous until he turned 23 years old. At this time, nal Lukia Liruko died in a battle against the Asha, and thus, a new "nal" had to be chosen in a great tournament in Galagrön, after the mourning for her death. The title of "nal", a tradition in the Galagrön jurisdiction, which is also recognized in the other parts of Kaarad, is granted only to the greatest warrior from this part of Kaarad, even if travellers from Hartog and Téloa aren't uncommon during such tournaments.

The Claiming of nal, as the tournament is known is one of the most difficult task that a Kaaradi can face, for he must defeat his enemies without the use of poisons and without killing them. Urtraom Skardrus claimed that he would either become nal Urtraom or enter the Vara'Gol. After three weeks of battle, Urtraom Skardrus faced Askerok Kiaris in their last battle. While the fight lasted long, it was only because Urtraom refused to give up until he couldn't move anymore, for Askerok was too strong for him.

After his defeat at the hands of nal Askerok Kiaris, Urtraom entered the Vara'Gol, as he had said he would do, thus becoming Urtraom Vara'Gol. There, he discovered a life of duties even more strict than in the rest of Kaarad, but his determination and talent allowed him to become High Keepers of the Vara'Gol, the second highest grade among the Nadra Vara'Gol, at the age of thirty-two. Finally, when the previous High Champion died fighting against Those from Below, Urtraom was elected by his brothers and sisters to the position of High Champion at the age of forty.

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