Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan (or Bloodedge and Frostedge) are two ancient skudra belonging to the Ssatarkis family ruling above Chazra, the Hold of the Alchemists. The two skudra were created 8500 years ago when the City was created as a mean to protect the western frontiers of Kaarad; they are made of bronze and ralkish leather finely crafted, and where major runes have been carved.

They are among the most feared weapons of Kaarad, for Ur-Karan has a Major Rune of Strength, a Major Rune of Soul-Thief and a Minor Rune of Fury, while Vol-Karan has a Major Rune of Quickness, a Major Rune Endurance and a Minor Rune of Horror. Furthermore, the two skudras are always covered in the most potent poisons that the Kaaradi possess, which mean that the smallest scratch is deadly in mere seconds.

Many Ssatarkis wielded the two weapons during the history of Kaarad, but as of today, the shame which scourge their family prevent them to use it, with the new Head of the Family swearing that Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan won't see a battle until his family is once again free from the political corruption created during the millennia long reign of the Turakas Family.

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