• YYYYY.DDD: Event
  • Y: Year. Requires 5 digits. Between 00001 and 10000.
  • D: Day. Requires 3 digits. Between 001 and 365.


  • -10000.000: Fall of the Era'Thora empire.
  • -05032.169: The fall of the elven empire and the event that caused the desertification of central Jebrak.
  • -03117.001: The founding of the first three duchies of Windland.
  • -02087.134: The declaration of eternal war by the Council of Dukes of Windland against the Täjara Empire.
  • -00150.364: Cataclysm of Rorolark and the dissolution of the Goblin Empire.
  • -00149.120: The reformation of the Mountain Kingdom and the enslavement of the Cave and Snow goblins.
  • -00100.036: The packs of Volcanic goblins regained enough of their intelligence and formed the first tribes.
  • -00075.147: The tribes of the volcanic goblins united into the first nation.
  • -00060.003: The Republic of Jebrak managed to break the Aldash Blockade and establish diplomatic lines with the nations of the Kilthan wastes.
  • -00050.259: The Nations of the Kilthan wastes joined the Republic of Jebrak.

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