Tyrannosaurus Habilis (colloquially known as Thabilis) is the apex predator of Tartarion. Descended from the prehistoric creature known as Tyrannosaurus Rex it's an extremeley dangerous predator who have proven to be the key obstacle in colonising the Ancient Jungle.

Thabilis inherited most of his size and ferocity from his ancestor, but improved on the "design". Physically, it differs from T-Rex by two rows of spiny protrusions growing from his back and a pair of horn-like growths over the eyebrows, as well as two prehensile hands ending in five-fingered palms with an opposable thumb. Mentally, it shows a frightening amount of intelligence, showing rudimentary culture and language. Despite that, it rarely constructs any advanced tools or clothes, as it simply doesn't have any need for those. Its sheer mass and physical prowess make it one of the most fearsome creatures on the planet.

Thabiles have been observed to use thrown rocks or small trees as makeshift weapons, as well setting up traps for their victims. Fortunately, they do not appear to have much interest in medium-sized humanoids due to the small size of the "meal" when compared with necessary efforts, but they will mercilessly hunt down anyone who encroaches on their territory or somehow harms them or their young.

All attempts to reason with Thabiles have failed so far. Speculated reasons for this vary, from their innate hostility to their limited, ape-like intelligence.