Teoth Denon is the Leprechaun's institution of druidism and magic and the spiritual center of most leprechaun societies. It was formed nearly two thousand years ago and has explored and developed ways to better their understanding of magic and the gods. For a very long time the Teoth Denon was strictly conservative, accepting only those who were northborn and practised druidism into their ranks. However, the institution went through a reformation around a hundred years ago, changing their attitudes towards practising alternative schools of magic.

Total numbers - 11,500

Notable membersEdit

  • Gisila the Limbmender: High druidess of the institution's healers during the Kauciin War. She has become famous for having had the ability to reattach lost limbs and making them somewhat usable once more.
  • Elder Druid Wodreg of Haratr: Elder druid and renowned mentor to many powerful druids-to-be. He is especially known for his experiments regarding elemental magics, mainly the wind and rain, and is said to have conjured a hurricane once to protect the institution from marauding pirates.

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