Tartarion is the smallest continent of Solcu. Its remote location, savagery, exotic weather and their hostile and unique fauna make it extremely inhospitable to most sapient races.

The major category of animals found on Tartarion are dinosaurs and other saurian creatures abundant in its jungle. Not many researchers managed to conduct any significant research on those creatures but they appear to be ancient beyond mortal ken, evolving into new and dangerous forms throughout millions of years in isolation.

Tartarion Regions

The continent of Tartarion and its regions.





During the Age of Myths the Ancient Tartarians lived in these lands and then they were all driven to extinction, only remaining the ancient ruins that plaster the landscape. The only survivor was a demigod called the Sauramander which left the continent.

After the end of the Age of Myths the jungles elves settled and created a port into the continent.



  • Ancient tartarian: An extinct race of creatures whose only bones remain hidden in their lost cities.
  • Jungle elf: A race of anti-theists that managed to build a port city in the savagery of this continent.
  • Tartarian lashtounge: A small bird-like dinosaur that sustains itself on small game and fish.


Jurassic Era

The Ancient Jungle