Tachula is a goddess of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Law and sub-domains of Peace, Wealth and Moon. She is married to Salkave. Her realm is the [[]].


Tachula is a humanoid deity wearing a white and blue kimono filled with lunar and tidal iconography and everything in her is considered beautiful. She always appears surrounded by moonlight and her face is almost completely covered in snowy white hair, increasingly shorter as close as it gets to the nose, while her skin below is light blue. Since the cataclysm of Rorolark she has scar in shape of a burned hand around her wrists. She is also the unspoiled deity since she was never portrayed sexually or has any sexual relationship ascribed to her in the Ramaldian myths.

She is a generous deity, one which will give wealth to those that need it and help those that don't to find peace in her moonlight. As such she is seen as a deity of prosperity even more so than Salva, but behind her beauty and charitable personality lies an vengeful and resentful lady. She will pay back severely to anybody who wrongs her in the most secretive and convoluted plots (often based on nursery rhymes). She doesn't seem to communicate with sounds instead preferring to communicate with light patterns and emotions related to calmness.


Tachula had always had a slight crush on Salkave, loving his dorkiness and heroism. When she confessed his love for him he also admitted that he also loved her, but he could not be with her because of his own views of himself as a monster. She respected his decision but hoped that with time he would come to accept himself and allowed her to be with him. However much time passed since then and he had children with other beings, making her feel more isolated on her moon palace.

However her isolation ended in the Cataclysm of Rorolark when Malvar kidnapped her from the moon and tried to force her to bear his children. Salkave came to her rescue with his demigod children and managed to rescue her from his clutches, losing a arm in the process. When Malvar was defeated she again declared her love for him and asked him in marriage, using their new scars to dissuade him from his previous arguments, eventually ended up getting married.



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