The Sword of a Thousand Murders (Sen no ken satsujin, or 千の剣殺人) is a powerful weapon from the Kingdom of Thama (the former colonies of Täjara on the eastern side of Duraleka). The Sword was forged during the Second Brethren War by the Heirs. Imbued with the power of lightning and spells of durability and strength, the Sword of a Thousand Murders could have become a weapon of legend for good. Alas, when the Heirs attacked the small town of Chunjashima, the wielder of the Sword, Otori Yamawoshi ordered than the prisoners where put in rank, and he killed them all, the thousand of them, old people, children and pregnant women alike. But, unknown to all the people present, the Kami of the Heirs couldn't bear the weight of such a crime and only the most bloodthirsty would have help Yamawoshi.

In fact, the Sword was cursed so it would bring its wielder in a bloody frenzy both on and outside the battlefield, thus leading to them being killed by their own men more often than not. Nonetheless, the Heirs still used the Sword of a Thousand Murders during all the wars. When the Dragons finally claimed the control of the former colonies and created the Kingdom of Thama, they sealed the Sword, and then offered it to the monks, hoping that the cursed blade could be purified. Alas, the Sword remain cursed, and as of today, only the most desperate or pure would dare to wield the Sword, the former succumbing to its curse, the latter managing to retain their sanity. It must be noted that it is strictly forbidden to lend the Sword to the Shensin no Akuma (Warrior Devils) , known for their bloody behaviour.

This blade is actually the property of Sotoshi Susuke, the Head Monk of the Kami no kenmei sa (The Wisdom of Gods), one of the three orders of Monk in Thama.

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