Styon is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Enigma and sub-domains of Unbelief, Truth and Silence. Its parents are mostly unknown with some suspects being Myogosmia, Ava and Lao. Its realm is the [[]].


All the portrayals of Styon use a genderless nude child as its representation, without any other discernible traits except the short hair. These portrayals were once covered in glitter as a way of mocking this anti-religious deity, but would eventually become part of its mythos that would give its most common title, the Void Child.

The Void Child is a deity that stands in defiance of its own divinity, as such he will never answer any worshipper, preferring instead to use its powers to protect those that don't or don't care or are against deities. Styon only starts speaking with its worshippers or non-worshippers when they realize a grand truth about the natures of deities, and its mostly highly philosophical conversations spoken in the voice of a child. Those that are actively finding these truths only sense the gods approval as they move closer to the truth. Those that he protects are called the Styon-Touched and the two groups within this is the Void-Eaters, those that desire the end of the divine, and the Void Philosophers, those that understand the necessity of a god.


Styon is a mysterious deity with a mysterious beginning. No myth refers to its birth or origin, and all myths that exist refer to him as the god of the unbelievers that protects them from the powers of the other gods. Many believe that this deity was created by the Order of Peyloros to stop persecutions of unbelievers by the believers, and every time that its power manifested there were less and less persecutions.

While this deity is largely irrelevant to the mythology of the Ramaldian Sphere, more and more people are demanding for a increased presence from it, an effect on the discovery that the Void Child incarnation could save many Sinferi Children, and eventually allow those children to breed if the Order of Peyloros writes about him.



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