Leibermann Schlaussivk was an eccentric Wind Elf, inhabiting a secluded manor in the Steilenland Duchy, centuries prior to the Little Wars. A great magician and a wise elf, Leibermann was also known for his odd behaviour : he was persuaded that fire magic was enhanced when he wore only red, orange or yellow clothes, while natural magic was best practised naked in the wood than clothed in a park.

Among his numerous creation, his most famous is know as the Strange Pipe of Leibermann Schlaussivk. This pipe, sculpted so its foyer would looks like Mohira's head and the rest of the pipe as her voluptuous body, was created with the wood of an Ebon Tree from Jebrak, enchanted by powerful spells of durability by Leibermann. If it was its only characteristics, this pipe wouldn't have become legendary.

But when Leibermann smoked with it, he was lost in strange daydreams and delusion of grandeur. While, during a time, his dreams served him, allowing him to understand old knowledge and discover new theories concerning magic, the pipe led him to a grim end. As years passed, he became more and more strange, until his death, under the three full moons, when he tried to "summon the Lady from the Three Jewels" and ended killing himself in a disastrous explosion of magic, which burned the land on a 500 meters radius with Leibermann at the centre, dead but unburned, his pipe in his hand.

Since that time, the Schlaussivk family have sell the Pipe to unwise scholars and wizards, but everytime that the three moons are full in the same night, the Strange Pipe his once again in the hand of a family member who'll try to summon the Lady from the Three Jewels and will end as Leibermann, even if there isn't as much burned land at each attempt.

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