The Soul Thief is a goddess of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Strife and sub-domains of the Crime, Trade and Freedom and inimical to the Jebrak Republic. She was created by union of a wild range of anti-establishment cults. She has mothered the deity ??? with Shoul. Her realm is the Soul Markets.


The Soul Thief is portrayed as an goddess covered in simple cloaks often ragged and covered in magical dirt that hides her even her divinity to all beings, while a hood obscures her dark-skinned elfish-like face. Hidden below her cloak she wears the best leather armour known to worshippers of the Pantheon dyed in black and two souldaggers used to rip and collect the souls she steals. In her waist is a bag filled with coins, each one of them containing a single soul.

She is rightfully vilified by the commonfolks as she steals souls from other realms and sells them to other gods or mortals. She is often portrayed as callous, indulgent and extremely greedy while a small minority see her as a goddess that can be relied to fight for individuality and freedom.


The Soul Thief was born from a small anti-establishment cult of the cave goblins, and as their innovative thought spread around the old empire various small cults spread around till she was born, starting a vast anachronistic religious rebellion against the ruler of the pantheon, Shoul. Eventually he responded with a violent crackdown on her religious followers that almost threatened to bring her back to nothingness, eventually he confronted and she offered a proposal he could not reject, she promised the five thousand souls of the best warriors of their enemies for him to reincarnate into his servants.

In roughly a decade she achieved this and bought herself support to join the pantheon and free pass for all her soul-thieving crimes. To this day she does her own thing and has been collecting the largest wealth of coins and souls in the world for a mysterious reason.


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  • Soul Coin: Soul coins are the souls that she stole and are forced to live in the vast vaults in the Soul Markets until they are sold to the highest bidder.