The Soul Market is the realm of the goddess Soul Thief of the Ramaldian Sphere.


This realm is one of the most easily accessed of the realms of the Ramaldian Sphere and can be accessed from any door in any shady place, as long as they carry at least one soul-filled Soul Coin. This realm is populated by hundreds of still living beings that desire to trade souls. It takes a decade for the realm to go from night to day and another decade to go from day to night, and because of the soul-eaters this means that the realm can only be accessed during the day every each decade.

Freedom SquareEdit

This gigantic square is the central part of the realm were the soul are traded by the visitors. This is the only safe place in the realm from the Soul-eaters. The square has thousands of stalls selling souls spread around and various ornaments found in squares like fountains, monuments and parks, each commemorating a scene of freedom fighting or thievery.

Shadow CityEdit

Around the square lies a gigantic city each building made of different architectures slapped together, covering the city in shadows. These buildings are usually filled with furniture where many soul coins are hidden. Most of the city is inaccessible due to the soul-eaters that devour anyone that gets close to the shadow. In the edge of the city a great wall can be seen, but none has ever reached it and knows what lies beyond it.

Vault PalaceEdit

The vault palace is the only place in the realm that tall enough to be seen from anywhere in the realm and to see beyond the walls of the city. Inside its filled with various riches stolen by the goddess, from golden chalices, to opulent furniture and works of arts. There are also vaults filled with soul coins belonging to the goddess. The palace is guarded by Free-Force Soul-Eaters who don't allow anybody to get inside the palace. The goddess can be rarely found sitting in the Throne of Shadow and Coin.


  • Soul Coins: The main currency of the realm containing the souls of the deceased.
  • Soul-Eaters: The monstrous creatures that devours souls of those that get near the shadows of the realm and guard the palace of the goddess.

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