Soul Coins is a currency found around Jebrak, that is minted by the Order of Tachula. They are specially tuned to contain souls and have little value as their own. A coin can only carry one soul at a time and can only be reused after the soul is freed. The coin is round and made of copper, gold and platinum and the crown has the crest of the Tachula. When not occupied the face of the coin is blank, but when it is occupied the face will have a picture of the soul source face in profile.

These soul can then be sacrificed to a god at their altars for divine favour, usually turning into a afterliving in that gods realm. These coins are extremely common and are often carried by adventurers, assassins and mercenaries to be filled as a proof of completed bounties.

Of all the gods this coin is the most important to the Soul Thief and are essentially her afterliving while they are in her realm. She is know to have several millions of these coins hidden around her realm and inside palace vaults. Soul-Eaters seek to devour any of these coins they find.

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