Soul-eaters are divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of freedom, the Soul Thief, that inhabit the Soul Market. They were created from the Soul's Thief greedy and glutonous desire for souls. They spend most of time in the dark parts of the Soul Market awaiting for poor unfortunate souls to devour. They are considered evil mindless creatures which lack any useful purpose.


Soul-eaters are demonic creatures with gigantic mouths and horns whose skin can range from brown to blue to purple. Some parts of their body are covered in blond, brown and black fur and most of them have claws and spikes. Their eyes and mouths when open exude the energy of the souls they devoured while some souls can be seen being “digested” inside their bulging bellies. They are creatures that dwell in shadows and direct sunlight hurts them.


  • Soul Breath: The Soul-eater opens his mouth releasing the energies dissolving inside into a burst of destructive energies.
  • Shadowmeld: Can hide itself in shadows and freely move in them. They can pop out at any time as long as the place is not covered in light. If sufficiently bright light is shone on a shadowmelded Soul-Eater it will either die or release all of its souls, quickly escaping to the closest shadow.
  • Shadow Tendrils: Can summon a tendril made of shadows to pull any creature into the shadows.
  • All-Devouring Tongue: Their tongues can suck the life and souls of anything they touch.
  • Free Force: If it has enough souls he can synchronize itself with them and power up all of their stats. This releases vast quantities of energy pressure strong enough to create cracks in the floor. Free Force Soul-eaters no longer need to consume souls and are almost invincible.

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