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Seteshka Asura was the Queen of the Asura, and regent of Duat. She was said to be the sister, bride and nemesis of Rahman Sura. Alongside Rahman Sura, Seteshka Asura was considered the most powerful deity in the Court of Amravati.

She sat on the southern throne of Amravati , holding dominion over the Necropolis gate to Duat. The Asha claim that it was her song and breath that dreamed night, magic, life and water into being.

Elder folklore spins tales of Seteshka attempting to understand the duality of life and death, and what makes them different from each other. The Asha believe that her song created the undead. Folksongs of The Amesha refer to the prophetess of Asmodis, Setesha, as The First Necromancer.

Many scholars among the Amesha argues that Heliset and Seteshka Asura are the same deity.

The Asha consider her to be the matron diety of Necromancers, Liches, Sorcerors and Vampires.


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