The Seducer Globe is gas elemental that is a gigantic plastic bubble capable of shape-shifting filled to the brim with bright pink gas and one of the Great Beasts of Jebrak. It can split itself into smaller portions and remain psionicly connected as one being, and these splits can be found spread around the continent of Jebrak. They seduce races and animals with alluring shapes and its gas pheromones of the highest calibre, until they are pacified enough to be absorbed by the bubble to turn into more plastic and gas. Its immune to any kind of non-slashing and non-piercing damage and if it has to fight it will try to whip or strangle enemies to death. If the bubble is torn the gas will leak out and can be collected into Seducer Gas.

In the Children of Saints, a myth of the Ramaldian Sphere, they were said to be created by the World's Lindwurm and either Ava or Lao to seduce saints and create a child from all of their essences. The Sinferi were birthed by this Great Beast.

The most notorius power this creature has its the ability to turn essence into genes.

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