Scayth ta Kathlac, also known as the The Shield of Kathlac, is a group of warrior defenders of the ancient forestlands, with a legacy preceding the written history of the leprechauns. While having a long history, the Scayth hasn't always been a numerous and powerful organization. This organization has died out and reformed several times throughout history and its current iteration Scayth ta Kathlac is the fourteenth of its kind, ressurrected by Milidh Fredran Tost during the Wars of Gareset more than six hundred years ago.

Total numbers - 2,000

Notable membersEdit

  • Kan-Milidh Dorgh of Kathlahne: Supposed founder of the Scayth ta Kathlac. The legends of Kan-Milidh Dorgh are many and is mentioned in the Saemhansir as the first mortal protector of the Kathlac forestlands. He is credited for having slain hundreds of tallfolk invaders during his lifetime.
  • Milidh Rieligh the Brave: Daughter of Milidh Torith and second in command of the 10th iteration of the Scayth. Milidh Rieligh is said to have led the most successful defensive campaign the Scayth has ever seen. After her father had been defeated in the north by invading tallfolk, Rieligh gathered what warriors she could find and fearlessly pushed back the invaders and secured the north.

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