Sauramander Depiction

An artistic depiction on how the Sauramander looked like based on myths; Art by Hail-the-oblivious

The Sauramander is a legendary Ancient Tartarian demigod, that left Tartarion after the death of his race during the Age of Myths. He wandered the world as a terrifying legend, heroic and villanous, written in many cultures he passed through. He travelled from Tartarion towards Täj and head west crossing the entire of Duraleka only to head south on the archipelagos towards Jebrak crossed it and reached the frozen continent, before dying there. His souls is hidden inside the vaults of the Order of Tachula and his body is lost in the wastes he died.

As he travelled through Solcu he left several children behind which would become 7 different races. On Yaleka he left the Kobolds. In the jungles of Jebrak he left the Fectirites and on its deserts the Kramatak

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