Salkave is a god of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of World and sub-domains of Monster, Humility and Sea. Married with Tachula but with three demigod children: [[]], [[]] and [[]]. Its realm is the [[]].


Salkave is portrayed as the upper part of a humanoid connected to a monstrous lower half, which is the controlled body of any monster under the sea, nobody knows how is lower half looks like when he's not posessing a monster. His left arm is magmatic and rocky, which originally belonged to Malvar, with the original one lost to the same deity during their fight in the Cataclysm of the Rorolark. Its hair is made of kelp and has sea blue skin.

Despite his monstrous looks Salkave is a good deity, one with a humble warrior spirit ready to fight any cruel and monstrous attack coming from the sea and a idiotic streak that comes off as adorable and dorkish. As a monster that fight monsters, to his lower he sounds nothing more than the deep sounds of the sea without any word to understand, creating a sense of monstrosity to those that don't hold him in high regard. However to the higher ranked worshippers these sounds and roars from the depths start to synchronize into a beautiful melody of his true voice which is understandable with words.


Since the beginning of time Salkave has been in love with Tachula, but he never told her. With time she also grew enamoured with his heroic heart hidden inside his monstrous looks, eventually telling im that she fell in love with him. He revealed that he loved her too, but that he could never be with her because his monstrosity would defile her and he could never bring himself to hurt her. She found his belief idiotic, but respected his decision.

This separation lasted until the Cataclysm of Rorolark, when Malvar reached for the moon, bringing down Tachula to rape and force her to bear his children. Salkave rode to her defence on the greatest monster in the sea together with his demigod children and fought the rage god to a standstill, eventually ripping each other arms, before Malvar lost and was restrained by the rest of the gods. They end up marrying after that.



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