The leprechauns' legends about the times before written history tells the story about how the world was forged by the immense powers of nature. It tells of how the world cried out in agony as it was melded together and torn apart. And then of how the Dena came and calmed down the storms and earthquakes, and gifted the world with life.

The Dena walked through the young forests and atop the growing mountains, watching over the creatures they'd created. And with the Dena's guidance some creatures would evolve to form societies. However, some creatures rebelled against the Dena, fleeing their ancestral lands and worshipping false idols. These creatures built their homes far away, beyond the reaches of the Dena's influence.

During this time, when the gods still roamed the forestlands, the first leprechauns had grown to form nomadic tribes, wandering across the plains of Dihrlan towards the Dena's forests. The Dena welcomed the first leprechauns, and when they looked upon them they saw great potential within them and gifted them with magic.

The Dena lived alongside the first leprechauns for many generations, until monstrous outsiders invaded the lands. With magical steel they cut their way through the forests, and the leprechauns stood no chance. For years the leprechauns fought until only a few tribes remained. It was then the Dena sacrificed themselves to give life to the forests trees. Within hours the invaders were destroyed, and the trees went back to deep slumber. The voices of the Dena carried through the wind and were heard by the ancient leprechaun druids. They voices told them to guard their forests until the ends of time, for within them lingered powerful and ancient magics.