Some of the rules that dictate the basic nature of the world

Souls, Resurrection and GhostsEdit

  • 1: Only Gods, certain Outsiders and their crafted items can alter and destroy souls.
    • 1A: Demigods power over souls are uncertain.
  • 2: Mortals can capture souls in objects or people.
    • 2A: Captured souls can't be damaged, destroyed or used up.
    • 2B: Captured souls can be used as barter or sacrifice to the gods.
    • 2C: Captured souls will build up extra energy until it's container can't hold it and break.
    • 2D: Energy can be extracted from captured, with no effect on the souls.
    • 2E: These take very long amount of time to recharge.
    • 2F: If a captured soul stays until the breaking point, it will form a stronger ghost than it normally would.
  • 3: Souls that stay on Solcu manifest a ghost around itself.
    • 3A: If the ghost is killed or pacified it will eventually return where the soul is.
    • 3B: The only way to stop the return of a ghost is to either to contain the soul or move it to the afterlife.
  • 4: To reincarnate or resurrect a being the soul has to be in his possession.
    • 4A: Gods can resurrect or reincarnate.
    • 4B: Only with the help of a god, demigod or divine crafted items is resurrection and reincarnation possible.
    • 4C: Resurrection requires the body of the one being resurrected, or at least one of their cells

Genetic Families, Races and Half-BreedsEdit

  • 1: Races are taxonomically classified in Family->Race->Sub-Race.
    • 1A: All beings within the same family should be able to breed without alteration of genetics, even if only in exceptional circumstances.
    • 1B: The definition of family is: Group of races capable of creating hybrids.
  • 2: Breeding within the same Sub-race creates a normal healthy offspring of that sub-race.
    • 2B: Breeding between different sub-races, creates a offspring similar to breed in dogs or ethnicities in humans.
  • 3: Breeding between races of the same family would create a hybrid much like a in real life.
    • 3A: The type of Hybrid will depend on the gender and races of the parents.
    • 3B: Each family should have a sterility issue that makes hybrids incapable of having an independent population.
  • 4: Breeding outside of the family should be impossible. Those that manage this through various methods have unstable genetics and are classed as Abominations.

Age of MythsEdit

  • 1: Nothing that happens in a age of myths can be put in a precise date.
    • 1A: They can only be happen in the Late, Early or Middle age of myths.


  • 1: There is no strict definition on which element is which.
    • 1A: Elements are whatever the cultural interpretation of a element is needed to be.

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