Stellar memory is the Realm of Miogosmia which he made upon arrival into this world and it represents the path that he took from his birthworld until he reached this world, including visitations to other divine spheres and their worlds, strange cosmological phenomena and conversations and attacks he suffered with Outsiders. It presents itself as a linear path that goes backwards from his arrival to his world all the way back to his birthworld. Nobody is know to have fully completed this path. There are no commonly know ways to enter this realm, but there are people that regularly go there and try to reach its end, too curious to stop trying. The path itself is riddled with riddles that say something about Miogosmia's travels that must be answered before they are allowed to continue, passing out from exhaustion throws the travellers and their possessions back into the world. The path itself is filled with vast amounts of mementos of this god's travels, creatures and plants from other world, strange metals and gems from space-dwelling rocks, solar energy and pieces of black holes among many others that can be collected and brought back into the world.

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