Relichwa is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Life and sub-domains of Famine, Necessity and Burden. She is the fourth child of Amada and the Baron of the Manor. Her realm is the [[]].


Reilchwa is depicted as a thin deiseicated corpse, almost mummified with a perfectly preserved and extremily dry. She has no ears only holes, and her teeth have been removed. She is always depicted with bandages, sometimes covering the breasts and crotch, and even more rarely her arms and legs, but she will always have a long bandage scarf and covering her eyes.

Reilchwa and her sister Cwivel are often considered one of the most evil deities in the Ramaldian Sphere. Because of this when speaking with her followers she will always have a sarcastic tone, even to those that worship her and help her increase scarcity. The clear truth is that without the existence of this deity everything would be so common that nothing would be valuable and that the concept of survival and evolution wouldn’t function properly.


Reilchwa, like the other sons and daugthers of the Baron, was raised in the manor. She always was the most friendly with Cwivel sharing every secrets and helping with her pranks. She also had a very good relationship with Zussi and Vuldorol even through they were the most common victims of their pranks. However she always spited her older sister, Vnaldra, for her obsession of justice over more valuable concepts.

When her family broke Cwivel was only one that realised everything that happened behind and saw it going to happen long before it actually did. From her mother relationship with Salva and Zussi’s birth and how hurt he would end up. She let it happen because she though she believed it was the best for both of them and their children. She joined the Bligthed Totems in order to support Cwivel, because it was what she needed the most.


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