While young for an Aldash, Rasan have already a past worthy of legends. Born albinos and thus weaker than any male in the Fatimil Tribe, he owed his life to Matriarch Fatimal who refused to see the cub left to his death in the desert, for she wished to strengthen the tribe, even with a weakling such as Rasan. Fatimal was proven right in her choice when, at the age of six, and already a great deal of humiliation behind him, Rasan used a powerful spells unknown by other Aldash, proving his incredibly huge and untamed talent in the field of magic: it seems that, while is body was weaker than other Aldash, Rasan's eyes were better to spot the flux of magic, but also the electromagnetic field of both living things and objects.

While studying magic with the greatest wizard of his tribe, Rasan devoted himself to engineering, proving incredibly able with his hands. At the age of twelve, using a wind elven rifle, he created the Aldash Rifle, a weapon fitted for the males Aldash, thus helping greatly his tribe and then all the Aldash by improving their technological level. At the age of fifteen, he convinced Matriarch Fatimal to sell the help of her tribe to Ashtari adventurers against knowledge of all sorts, from magic to history and alchemy.

Rasan is today 46 years old and he is one of the very few people in the world able to create rough technomagi, thanks to his talent, his time wandering among the ruins doting the Idriyan desert , and the knowledge granted by adventurers to sell the help of his tribe. He is becoming more famous every year, and it won't be long before some important Täjaran or Wind Elf will try to use him to bolster the position of their respective nation.

However, they'll probably be sorely disappointed for, just like Great Matriarch Alsunnia, Rasan seek to create a powerful Aldash nation, able to stand for its freedom against any who would dare to attack them; and with his court of apprentices from every tribe diffusing his knowledge among the Aldash, he could very well succeed. As such, he attracted the watchful gaze of Alsunnia, who sent on of her great-grand-sons, Rulan as an apprentice for the Technomage, and one of her grand-daughter, Alfulia, as a "bodyguard" who sometimes seems to wish to guard Rasan even more closely.

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