A list of the sapient races of Solcu. Those that are grouped into genetic families that can create geneticly unaltered offspring's, even if only in exceptional conditions.

List of Families, Races and Sub-RacesEdit


The races of the Antauri family are a group of carnivorous tauric humanoids.


The races of the Ashartha family are a group of tall humanoids with long ears and long lives.

  • Wind elves (Ashtari): Wandering philosopher nomads.
  • Death elves (Asha): Subterranean theistic traditionalists.
  • Jungle elves (Irasha): Misotheistic jungle mystics.
  • Sky elves (Aingeleen): Monotheistic winged guardians.


The races of the Atramentus family are a group of slime-like humanoids related to fungi.


The races of the Bryokra family are a group of short humanoid creatures, that start to grow moss from their bodies after they die.


The races of the Construct family are constructed creatures that are able to create constructs by hybridizing their technology.


The races of the Darrow family are groups of long-lived stout and hardy humanoids who originate from below the earth.


The races of the Hexoraxian family are a group of hard-shelled insectoid races with six-limbs.

  • Shamaldian: A race of heavily-carapaced beings that are known to wander the deserts.


The races of the Kaokin family are a group of elemental creatures, that create Kao when attempting to breed outside their races.

  • High giants (Era'thora): Powerful and extinct race that once ruled most of the world.


The race of the Kerustin family are a group of organisms with divine ancestry that are children of spirits of the gods.

  • Sinferi: A race of wandering gypsies that suffer radical body changes according to the god they worship.


The races of the Nertrad family are a group of bipedal creatures related to primates.


The races of the Orphidrak family are a groups of serpentine creatures related to dragons.


The races of the Oru'thora family are a groups of gigantic humanoid descended from the Era'thora.


The races of the Sauramander family are a group of humanoid creatures with amphibian and reptilian characteristics. They are either born of the legendary demigod, the Sauramander or share its race.

  • Ancient Tartarian: A extinct race of saurians which once lived in Tartarion.
  • Kobold: A small and fast breeding menace of Duraleka. Known for desolating farmlands and abducting little children and animals for supper.
  • Kramatak: A desert-dwelling race obsessed with cactus-based products.
  • Fiectir: A marsh-dwelling race obsessed with the worship of ills.
  • Saurman: A temperate-dwelling race obsessed with battle and death. They are a branch race of the extinct Saurians, having survived in the wild forestlands and plains of duraleka. They're a strong and durable race, covered in thich scales and hard horns. Their clan based society are still at a comparably primitive level, utilizing bone and bronze for tools and weapons. Their thick hide and scales can even block a bullet. They often war with the trolls and orcs for land and plunder. They often gather clans to raid across the eastern borders of Windland. 
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The races of the Vardrak family are a group of creatures closely related to dragons.


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