Psi Ace
Type Range/Magic
Attributes Intellect, Accuracy
Power type Psionic, Arrow
Armour type Leather, Chainmail
Trinkets Circlet
"I will guide my arrow." - A remark of confidence said by some Psi Aces.

Psi Ace is a class of psionic rangers created in the Republic of Jebrak. Apprentices focus their magic on their arrows, replacing their aims and bows with their telekinetic powers. Masters will replace the arrows entirely with bolts of psionic energies.



With the Cataclysm of Rorolark many of the traditional goblin archery schools died, and the Republic needed a lot of ranged soldiers for the armies. A few years before, the goblins had started teaching basic telekinesis as a basic education standard in the central desert regions of the empire. When these new telekinetics enlisted in the army they were forced to use bow and arrow and failed, eventually they forsook the bow and started shooting the arrows with their mind. This became so widespread that they became one of the two primary ranged classes used by Republic armies together with the Armsmen.

Becoming a Psi AceEdit

To become a Psi Ace you need to have basic psionic education on Telekinesis and join the army of the Republic of Jebrak. There you will receive the training on how to shoot a arrow using telekinesis and how telepathicly commute with other Psi aces to improve your aim during a salvo.



Skills Description
Leather Armour Apprentices can wear leather armour.
Chainmail Armour Masters can wear chainmail armour.
Arrow Aim Can aim using arrows much like a ranger.
Psionics Can use psionic magic.
Major Telekinesis Have great proficiency in the use of telekinetic magics.
Minor Telepathy Have weak profieciency in the use of telepathic magics.
Circlets Gains boost from wearing psionic or ranged improving circlets.


Abilities Description
Psi Arrow Shoots a arrow with psionic energy.
Arrow Storm Send a bunch of arrows telekineticly spinning in a desired spot.
Arrow Shield Rapidly spinning arrows around the user to protect them.
Telepathic Synergy Can link with other psionic classes to improve aim in salvos.
Arrow Claw Telekinetic move arrows like claws in very close range.
Fear Bolt Shoots a bolt of psionic energy like a arrow that creates a fear blast on impact.
Brave Bolt Shoots a bolt of psionic energy like a arrow that creates a courage blast on impact.
Blast Bolt Shoots a bolt of psionic energy like a arrow that creates a telekinetic blast on impact.

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