The Primordial Giants (commonly known as just ''Thora'' and Chaosbringers) are a mostly extinct race of humanoid personifications of the raw elemental forces of Solcu. Cruel, chaotic and devastating, they were the first living beings of the world and ruled it in their way: by imposing their will upon weaker beings.


Thorae bodies were composed of the personified elemental force and were as taller as hills. They consumed living and non-living matter in order to absorb its inherent magical energy.

Most types of Chaosbringers were manifestations of earth, fire, water and earth, but stories about other hybrid varieties, such as frost or magma, are known.



While it is not certain when was Solcu created and by who, was is an unanimous truth is the fact that a race of elemenal giants were among the first races to walk on the primal Solcu. As other creatures of weaker nature (both organic and unorganic) started to develop, the Thora spread destruction and suffering across the land: their seemingly chaotic and destructive behavior being incompatible with the existence of other individuals and primitive societies.

Divine DefeatEdit

During the Age of Myths, the gods vanquished the Chaosbringers, apparently with mortals' help (the historical accuracy of mortal races helping the gods is difficult to confirm or deny due the influence of tradition, religion and folklore). After the final battle, the gods planned to rebuilt Solcu, as it had been terribly damaged by the conflict. In order to accelerate the works, the victors combined the weakened essences of the slained giants and created the High Giants. This beings would later create a world-spanning empire that crumbled at the end of the Age of Myths.


Some of the Primordial Giants survived their kins downfall, locked away or hiding from the gods' reach. A few have risen to become gods themselves like Shalangesh, the god of Mutation and Decay, of the Trinity of Shadows.