Phobomancers are divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of fear, Baron of Lukersville, that inhabit Lukersville, and were created to elevate the souls of the first necromancer martyrs. They spend most of time in Lukersville creating Anmos from the souls of the dead. They are considered a symbol of dark heroism and creativity.


Phobomancers are strange entities wearing dark green hooded cloak with patterns of skeletons, insects and other scary beings woven in the cloth in black. Their faces are always hidden in shadows, except for the eyes which look like beacons of green energy (with various possible number of eyes and different positions). Higher ranked Phobomancers cloaks will have more horrifying creatures woven with metallic colours.


Low-rank Phobomancers can use:

  • Horror Magic: Can turn the essence of horror into the shape of any spell creating terror and rotting in those that are hit by it. Corpses and those that die because of these spells turn into zombies.
  • Blackbone Resurrection: Can turn any corpse or spirit with a soul into Black Bones.
  • Blackbone Necromancy: Can turn Black Bones into an Anmos.

Additionally high-rank Phobomancers can use:

  • Panic Pulse: Unleashes a pulse of fear magic that turns everyone around it into a fit of panic, running away from its caster.
  • Fear Aura: The patterns and the sounds made by the Phobomancer provokes fear in anybody that sees or hears it.
  • Hex of Dread: Puts a hex on the target that makes them expect fear, making them more vulnerable to mental effects.
  • Hex of Instinct: Puts a hex on the target that makes them trigger instinctual reactions to surprise and aggression.

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