Peytongue is an ancient language found in many ruins that has been recently been resurrected and reused.


List of wordsEdit

Words of Peytongue
Word Literal Translation Correct Interpretation
Ramalda Sun The name of the Sun
Ramaldian Solar The sphere of influence of Ramalda
Ral Divine Things divine to the nature of Solcu
Maarad Truth Concepts of reality
Oxun Outer Things divine from outside of Solcu
Fietri False Misconceptions of reality
Ral'Maarad Divine Truth Deities of the Ramaldian Sphere
Ral'Fietri Divine Wrong Deities of Solcu not part of the Ramaldian Sphere
Oxun'Fietri Outer Wrong Deities from outside of Solcu that are not part of the Ramaldian Sphere
Oxun'Maarad Outer Truth Deities of the Ramaldian Sphere that were born outside of the sphere (ex:Myogosmia)

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