Peyloros is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Life and sub-domains of Plague, Torment and Pest. He is the child of Mazdra and Molreque. His realm is the Nozram-sar.


Peyloros is depicted as a drider-like creature with a thin and often fragile-looking body. Most of his humanoid body is covered in thin spider-like hair. He has bat-like ears, canines and snout with an left human-like eye and three spider-like eyes on the right. He wears clothes either characteristic to scribes or casual clothes wielding wands into battle. He is always depicted surrounded by books, scrolls and other word containing objects.

As a god of the word Peyloros helps those that want to write or learn to read and speak his language, the Peytongue, favouring those that want to spread it, teachers and philosophers. An unique trait as a god of communication is that his intent can never be minsintreperted and even if transcribbed it will always means exactly what the god intended it to mean.


Peyloros was originally only the god of language, teaching the words of the Peytongue to the people of the world. But with time his tongue got more and more twisted as the people of Solcu changed it in order to promote their uniqueness. However he also saw how the people of the world use these word for more than to just communicate using to create beautifull fictions and songs each as unique as the last, which both amused and suprised him.

But some of these stories made his fellow gods furious at the world and its people, for how offensive or untruthful the stories about the gods were. To stop that Peyloros gave one more doctrine for his order of knights to follow besides spreading the Peytongue, and start writting, rewritting and spreading the oficial myths of the Ramaldian Sphere.


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