Orosha Til ("Frozen Promise" in Oni) is a vast region on the southern reaches of Sudrovia. It consists mostly of tundra and taiga. Orosha Til is known for being extremely inhospitable, due to the record low temperatures experienced in the region. Despite the coldness, Orosha Til is home to a vibrant ecosystem, spanning from small rodents to dangerous predators and numerous giant, wooly mammals.

Few sapient races attempt living in those conditions. It's currently under heavy colonisation by Ogres who aim to exploit the region's rich mineral resources. The ruling regime of the Ogre Commonwealth also uses Orosha Til for penal colonies, where numerous dissidents are placed in camps and exploited for heavy labor meant to exhaust them to death. One of the minor races who call Orosha Til home are primitive Yetis, who resemble a tall, wooly ape-man.

Under Oni rule the region used to be known as Orognatil, or "Frozen Wasteland". The Commonwealth later changed the name to encourage colonisation.