The Order of Tachula is a group of paladins that organize, protect and distribute Moon Coins, the official currency in Jebrak, and the Soul Coins, one of the best containers for souls. They have various offices spread around Jebrak but their main temple is in the ???, and it is there that they produce these coins. They believe that careful distribution of the currency according to each government wealth is only to achieve peace, or at least to diminish war. They give the coins freely to small groups and tribes, but tax large and rich governments for the costs of sustaining the order and currency production, but also accept the material and craftsman to mint the currency as a substitute.

Among their ability are the ability to ride the waves on their shield, use moonlight, water and pacify divine magic and are excellent master of finance. This order has invited all races shortly after the Cataclysm of Rorolark in order to help distribute the coins.

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