Nul-Cyphers are divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of communication, Peyloros, that inhabit Nozram-Sar and each of them is a symbolic representation of a word in the Peytongue. Nul-Cyphers are one of the most self-aware divine servants due to the Libram Vitas that they interact with and as such have their own agendas. They are considered mysterious beings with interesting personalities.


Nul-Cyphers are strange creatures they have bat wings that they usually use to cover themselves as cloaks, with a large tattooed words into the skin. They have the head of bats, six eyes and spider mandibles in front of their jaw. They have upper body of a humanoid with a long bone-like spine that produces silk below. They use this silk to create traps to capture Nuldroths and use their bat-like claws to rip open their bellies and retrieve the memories they devoured.


  • Restore Knowledge: They can use their divine powers to restore memories and texts that have been lost or forgotten.
  • Wordweb Trap: Using their silk they can create web-like traps that attracts the ones whose capture is desirable using specific words.
  • Secret Code: Can create a text that can only be read by the intended sender and receiver.
  • Reality Codex: Can summon a codex that has the answers to all questions the holder has.
  • World Voice: Can act as telephone, speaking as one mind to anybody the caller wants.

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