Nozram-Sar is the realm of the god Peyloros of the Ramaldian Sphere.


This realm can be accessed by gates hidden behind some bookshelves where history books are maintained. This realm is a gigantic library labyrinth with millions of shelves filled with books. some in the form of strong halls of stone while others have the form of rickety suspended stairs of wooden climbing pillars made of bookshelves. Each of these books is a Libram Vita, containing the entire life and thoughts of a person whose soul has been claimed by a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere, and these can be accessed by any visitor. The upper level of this realm is where the Librams of the most important people are kept while those on the bottom levels is where the less important Librams are kept. The lower levels of this realm have been invaded by a species of Outsider of unknown origin, the Nuldroths, that seek to devour these books and remove their memories forever from the minds of the living. The Nul-Cyphers seek to remove these invaders by fighting and capturing them with web-like traps, open their bellies and restore the scraps that remain.


  • Libram Vita: The books containing part the life of any person that is ruled by the Ramaldian Sphere.
  • Nul-cyphers: The archivists and guardians of the library.
  • Nuldroths: The outsiders that devour Librams.

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