Nerelaven are the divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of dreams, Sehkra, that shows the purity of ideas in the Ideal Dreamlands. When they show up on the real world they become gates from where the dreamlands spill over into Solcu. They are considered singularities of pure ideas.


Each Nerelaven looks like a perfect pulsating bubble, in which any individual will see the images that come to his minds. When they are summoned to the real world their mere presence will bring it closer to the dreamlands: the ground will slowly turn into clouds and day and night seemingly mix and become undistinguishable.


All Nerelaven are able to use the following powers:

  • Lightened Existence: Anything around the Nerelaven will become lighter.
  • Nightmare Summoning: A Nerelaven is relatively harmless but can summon nightmares to protect itself.
  • Ideal Self: The presence of a Nerelaven slowly decays the individual into a portrayal of how he sees himself.
  • True Understanding: The presence of a Nerelaven destroys any potential for misconceptions and misinformation in information transferred.
  • Dream World: As the world consistence slowly decays, the area around a Nerelaven becomes manipulated by imagination rather than the real world.

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