Myogosmia is a god of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Enigma and sub-domains of the Unknown, Preservation and Innovation and also one of its current minor rulers. He is a strange deity born in another Sphere. Myogosmia is responsible for the creation of Seizo, Voracio and ??? . His realm is the Remembrance of a Traveller.


Myogosmia is an ancient inscrutable deity that takes the form of a nondescript humanoid with images of the cosmos shifting in its form. One of its distinct feature is the galaxy that slowly spins on his face, and the other is the pale spinning energies containing the genetic, memetic and blueprints information of all kinds of creatures and culture found around the universe.

As an deity of the unknown his personality is mostly undefined, but shows a deep interest in the advancement of society and preservation of the environment. He is also a avid supporter of Salva's work as way to protect the world from outer invasions. To the goblins that lived in the mountains he was always a source of inspiration for new technologies.


Myogosmia story starts a long time ago in an long lost and forgotten planet which he abandoned after an Outer Sphere invasion, left it empty. Drifting throughout the cosmos he curiously catalogued its various creatures never staying long in one celestial object. That is until he found the world of Solcu. For some reason inscrutable reason he decided to stay here.

His entry into the world came in the form of a meteor crashing deep into the Spine of Jebrak, with the goblins of the summits finding and quickly began worshipping him. Eventually Shoul's Conquest of Jebrak found him and recruited the cosmic traveller to the Ramaldian Sphere. Myogosmia warned the rest of the Pantheon of the vast creatures that dwell the outer spheres from multi-sphere empires to monstrous forces and how he wanted to restore and replicate the races, constructs, plants and cultures of other spheres. This warning was the last thing that Shoul needed to push the campaign to Jebrak Northern Jungles and unify the rest of the pantheon behind him.

After the Cataclysm of Rorolark Salva granted him the once-empty throne of Enigma, which granted him enough power to recreate three creatures from outside of the Sphere: Seizo, the crop of an ancient Space Empire; Voracio, monstrous creatures formerly used as beasts of war by a force of highly destructive create; and ???, a race of robotic master craftsmen that lived in peace and isolated until their world turned into a battleground.


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  • Miogosmic creatures: Creatures similar to outsiders that followed Myogosmia throughout the cosmos.They are some of his best friends and loyal servants.