The Murain ta Arach are vicious pirates specialized in hijacking and manoeuvring tallfolk vessels, since leprechauns don't have the know-how to build ships. The Murain were formed around three hundred years ago, and have since then amassed a small fleet of ships. Making their headquarters on an uncharted island somewhere in the Dragon Ocean. The Murain operate on the southern coast of Duraleka.

Total numbers - 2,500

Notable membersEdit

Maer Wagh the Vile: Captain of the notorious vessel the Curdain. Wagh the Vile was initially an experimental mystic working for the Dharlic Triumvirate, until they thought he took his experiments too far when involving blood magics, and relieved him of his services. Without any means to continue funding his experiments, he turned to the Murain ta Arach, and quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became captain of his own ship and crew.

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