Moon Coins are the official currency of Jebrak and its colonies. These coins have various shapes and metals depending on each value, except for three round sphere each made of a different material ??? wood, ??? stone and ??? ice. Only the craftsmen hired by the Order of Tachula can craft this coin to perfection, and even they can't reproduce any of the steps used to create it. The method for creating it is rendered completely inscrutable by Tachula's powers.

Tachula power also makes the coin immune to the effects of magic(specially illusion or psionic magic), nearly indestructible and gives its unique ability to sense its intrinsic wealth value. Besides its inability to be counterfeited and Order of Tachula fair distribution it the last effect that grants this currency the hegemony in Jebrak. This effect makes it so that the coin doesn't actually need to be counted or calculated when traded, instead the value that is being traded with this coin is sensed. Even without staring any being that understands trade can sense automatic how much it has in total in its person or nearby containers owned by him. The owner won't sense theft automaticly until he concentrates back on remembering how much wealth it has. The coin also as a intrinsic wealth when newcomers first notice it, but the effect is subtle as it translates into that being exchange rate, causing foreign powers to slowly abandoning their coins without magical intrinsic wealth to the Moon Coin that does.

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