Molreque is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Wolrd and sub-domains of Crops, Herds and Perseverance. He is the father of Peyloros and is married to Mazdra. His realm is the [[]].


Molreque is depicted as a centauric god with a well-muscled body and a large beergut wearing farmer clothing and wielding tools(most commonly the sickle and the axe). His skin is rough like a rhino or elephant but completly hailess except for the head which has a thin beard and full head of hair. His head is long with a rhino-shaped head, donkey ears and a mouth filled with herbivorous teeth. His fingers have tiny hooves at the end, and his feet are a mix of elephant and horse feet.

As the god farming he helps those that need a large harvest for their subsistience boosting or giving tips on how to produce harvest specially those that presevere and defy odds. He is a relaxed god and someone that is very personal and relatable but often demands the world out of its worshippers.


Molreque is a deity created to replace a huge selection of deities directly related with harvest and food, like “mother earth” and rain deities. He saw the starving men and gave them the ability to domesticate savage beasts into their service. After many years he saw that they were still starving and gave them the secret of faming and the ability to change plants into more bountiful things.

In their attempt to intregate Kramatak Lore the Order of Peyloros would eventually pair Molreque and Mazdra together which would eventually end with Peyloros being written as their son. Eventually this relationship blossomed into marriage, resulting in the fusion of their realms and churches.

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