Lust Deity

Mohira is the wind elven goddess of subtlety, seduction, carnal pleasure, luck and trickery. Daughter of Heliset.  She's the patron of brothels and rogueish elements. The least reputable god but one who has a larger following than what the other spiritual leaders are comfortable with. How many there are is unknown as her followers make trickery their way of

Blood elf by HeroDees


In mythology she is the lover of Zethus.

Zethus was a serious god, obsessed with his charge. He were also a flawed god, having incestuous feelings for his sister, Amatera. Though he never acted on his shame, it still formed much of his actions during the Great Schism. Mohira gave him that which he never could have, a sense of love though she may not have been entirely untrue in her love for him. No mortal will ever know as she is trickery herself.