Lust Deity
Mohini Sura

Mohini Sura, Ashan Godess of male and female form. The Beguiling One.

The Asha believe in a trickster godess that bears many similarities to Mohira. In the Court of Amravati, the Ashan Pantheon, Mohini Sura is considered a just and decisive godess, but also one who charms and lies. The combination of lies and illusion, and honesty and justice, is yet another mystery in the duality of the Ashan mythos.

She is credited to have intervened in the immortal wars to bring an end to the constant bickering of Rahman Sura and Seteshka Asura regarding the existence of the sun and ownership of the Elves.

The Asha credit Mohini Sura as the instigator of the great divide which separated the elves into the four different races they are today. As part of the covenant of the Sura and the Asura, half of the elves would be taken to the world above and the other half would be taken to the worlds below.

Towards the end of the immortal wars, Mohini Sura is said to have sided with the Ashan Rebellion against her brethren immortals. It is said that her beguiling smile is what convinced the reluctant Vritra Apepophis Sura and his dragons to join the rebellion, and bring an end to the Age of Mythology.

The Asha no longer worship gods, but Mohini Sura remains popular in art, sculptures and general imagery in Abydos, and her depiction is considered beautiful by tourists and pilgrims. Ashan depictions of Mohini Sura are increasingly common as souvenirs in Täjara and Windland.

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