Mazdra is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of World and sub-domains of Aim, Hunt and Patience. She is the mother of Peyloros and wife of Molreque. Her realm is the [[]].


Mazdra is depicted as centauric goddess with a sly but well-toned body that wears leather armour and wields ranged weaponry(most commonly a crossbow and bolas). Her skin is covered in stripped fur which can be any colour, usually the one considered camouflage in the place she appears or is depicted. She has a snout of carnivore and the head has canine and ursine characteristics. Her eyes have aim marks instead of an iris which glow in the dark. Her hands and feets have raptor like claws.

As the goddess of the hunt she helps those who hunt anything like animals, escaped criminals and slaves or even a lifegoal. As long as there is a hunt involved she will seek to help those that hunt even if they don’t request for her help. She is also a patient goddess and her voice has the calm and confidence of a sucessfull hunter.


Mazdra was created from a conglomerate of gods and cults related with hunting and ranged weapons, as such when those cult fused during the times of the Goblin Empire she was fused into a single goddess. When the World's Lindwurm created the Great Beasts she gave herself the job of hunting them down, exterminating the world of the worst of them. Later when the conquest of Jebrak by the Goblin Empire was in full motion she was ordered by Shoul to help them enslave every single dragon in Jebrak. She considers herself as a rival of sleeping mountain deity.

In their attempt to intregate Kramatak Lore the Order of Peyloros would eventually pair Molreque and Mazdra together which would eventually end with Peyloros being written as their son. Eventually this relationship blossomed into marriage, resulting in the fusion of their realms and churches.

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