Classification Race: Mammik

The Mammiks are a race of pygmy mammoths that live in the cold mountains and plains of southern Jebrak. 

They live in ice caves in southern Jebrak, usually in clans of 200 individuals. Their alignement is mostly neutral good, but some clans lean towards neutral or evil. They are about 1,50m tall and can use their trunk to carry objects, wich allow them to have miners, blacksmith and warriors. Mammik society is based around the stars and the cult of the energy.


  • Memnon the Blacksmith: This legend among the Mammik is part of the group known as "the Starfire", wich helped the Mammiks escape the Ice Goblins that enslaved them for a couple hundreds years. Memnon forged the legendary blade Starshacle, wich Drakan used to kill Overlord Rentarack, the leader of the Iceborn Tribe of Goblins.
  • Drakan: This Mammik was part of the Starfire and was the one who killed Overlord Rentarack. 
  • Branhadir: Surely the most famous Mammik hero, he is the one who foresaw the liberation of the mammik in the stars and founded the Starfire.